Friday, October 17, 2008

I want candy!

1. Sour Patch Kids, 2. Malk Duds, 3. Candy Gum Balls

Over on Cupcakes and Cashmere, in the spirit of Halloween Emily poses the question, "If you had to narrow it down to your three favorite candies, which would they be?"

The candies above are what I told her.
In no particular order:

Sour Patch Kids
I love sour stuff, I'd eat lemons if it didn't eat away at teeth enamel. Sour Patch Kids get me that sour, then the sweet. You've all see the goofy commercial. I eat these candies till my tongue is raw!

Milk Duds
These candies remind me of my dad. He used to always get these when we went to a movie. You can't deny the caramel and chocolate combination. I also love the chewy texture.

Gum Balls
I'm a sucker for any kind of bubble gum, but there is just something about the hard balls of gum that I love. The flavor may last only about 30 seconds, but that's when you pop in another! I swear, I have permanent damage to my jaw with how much bubble gum I chew.

I think this a great question for this time of year. So I ask you the same thing, tell me your top three candies!



Milk duds!! ME TOO. :)

And, thanks for the comment. Glad you agreed with the color combination choice.

PS: Not sure if I mentioned it before, but love the profile pic.

xo/ fashion chalet

Lump said...

you totally read my mind! I need some candy right now.

My top three would be: yes, Sour patch kids, Nerds, and pull and peel twizzlers!

Angela said...

sour patch candies, more sour the better. i am drooling now.

WendyB said...

I looooooooove sour candies!

Rebecca Jane said...

I would say for sure:

Candy Corn

Swedish Berries


Marshmallow Bananas/Strawberries.


Marrdy said...

Ha! I would have gotten two of the three right. Your birthday is coming up and I can see Sour Patch kids in your future!

simimoon said...

ophh fun! my top three are:

1. peanut butter cups

2. snickers

3. chocolate covered sunflower seeds

now im craving all of those!

Unknown said...

1. Sour Patch Kids
2. Reese's peanut butter "cups" (I like them best when they're shaped like trees and snowmen and stuff. Optimal chocolate to gooey peanut butter ration.)
3. Starburst, Original only

doodle girl said...

1. peanut butter cups
2. snickers
3. gummy worms

The Daily Masquerade said...

we love the pictures, love the candy! <3

T said...

First they're sour.. then they're sweet. I love Sourpatch Kids! I ate them everyday throughout the summer along with doughnuts (I visited America for a month) and I completely fell in love with the SPK's! I love to stick 'em in the freezer and then suck on them 'till they get warmth back..

OOO Sourpatch kids..

jess said...

I definately love sour patch kids and although I don't have an absolute favorite, they are my #1 at the moment!

Unknown said...

Peanut m&m's!!!!! I eat them daily.... really :)

geri hirsch said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmy. i went to a pumpkin carving get together last night and toally brought a BIG bag of sour patch kids and sweedish fish. soo soo good! i want candy now after reading this post!