Thursday, October 16, 2008

Then and now

I found this shirt a couple weeks ago while rummaging through some old boxes that are in storage. I originally got it when I was a Senior in high school for a Sadie Hawkins dance. Both my date and I wore this shirt. I tried to capture a copy of a photo of us wearing the shirts, but seeing as how I still haven't found a scanner, I did not succeed.
So that was then, this is now.
The brown bomber jacket is from Target. The five-year-old plaid shirt is from the mens section at American Eagle. The navy blue tank is from the Pink collection at Victoria's Secret. The jeans are Levi's. The brown boots are from


Unknown said...

LOVE the jacket!

MJ said...

That's a great look, especially with the jacket.

kc and kens said...

LOVE the boots adiel! ...and the poses. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

i love the boots and the plaid shirt.. its soo cow boy--oops girl! lol

Marrdy said... did I miss this post? Love this outfit!