Monday, December 15, 2008

A girl can dream, can't she?

I've had many a sleepless night the last month or so. I do lots of random things with my extra time. Among other things, I spend a lot of time messing around in Photoshop. One night, with inspiration from Mama Kat, I did something crazy.

Creepy psycho stalker crazy.

...and Marrdy convinced me to share this craziness with you all.

Meet my husband:

Okay, okay, okay.
Yes, that is my face pasted on Mandy Moore's body in a photo with John Krasinski.
I love John.
I love Jim.
Either or, take your pick, find me a guy like him.
Oh, it is love.

P.S. John, if you're out there reading this, I'm totally not crazy, but we should so go on a date!
Call me!


Christina said...

I found you through Mama Kat's blog. Your Photoshop-job is awesome! REALLY! It's like you were there w/ John on the red carpet!

Marrdy said...

I don't believe you. this is totally you and hunky studly Jim!! I may have to print this our and put it on my desk to make me happy!

KatBouska said...

I'm sure John reads your blog...and I can't wait to hear how your first date went.

You fit beautifully atop mandy moore's a very unsexualy way of course.

Pj.steph said...

I love your not to John. That's exactly what a crazy stalker person would say!! haha. I'm kidding, but that really made my belly hurt thinking about it.

Wendy said...

If John does get in touch with you and decides you're too crazy to date, you could always give him my number

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

...please invite me for the Big day...LOL! You did a great job w the photo dear!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is some awesome photoshopping.

Rebecca Jane said...

hahhaha that's so cute. A girl can dream indeed.

Aunt Julie said...

I was getting ready to ask you if you designed that beautiful dress, too. PhotoShop is quite a bit of fun, isn't it? I'm afraid, though, that I'd have to PShop a few years off my face, even if I added it to Mandy Moore's slim physique!

karl's sweet child said...

oyea john is hot!! this photoshop is o good...almost flawless!!

Syed said...

Haha love it, so cute!!

Camilla said...

it actually looks really real.. haha.
i was like 'why is she saying "a girl can dream"?' lol. well done!

wcgillian said...

That is well done! Made me laugh.


Kristen said...

This looks so realistic!