Friday, July 9, 2010

Floral Bustier + JC Wedges

As I mentioned yesterday, I had an outfit in mind that incorporated both of my new pieces from Need Supply and this is it! I'm sort of obsessed with both the dress and the shoes. I have a terrible habit of getting obsessed with new additions to my closet and wearing them to death and these sure aren't going to be an exception. Be prepared, you'll probably see these a lot in future posts.




Here's to a fabulous weekend, my friends!


    jemina said...

    Love your dress and your shoes Adiel, xoxo

    Amber said...

    I was wondering if you would make an outfit with both of your new items - they work together pretty well with that military anorak to tie them together. Those shoes are a nice neutral that will go with lots of outfits. And the dress is just awesome. Great look!

    Lexy @ QUIRKY EXPLOSION said...

    I'd be obsessed with the dress and shoes, too, if I owned them! You look so adorable... and those shoes just elevates the entire look to FIERCE!

    Love it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!