Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Case Chase

I mentioned a while back that I was considering getting an iPad.
Well, I did. I got it.
After mocking it since it came out, I am now an iPad owner.

And I love it.

So now...
I'm on the hunt for some awesome iPad cases. These are six that are topping my list right now.

ipad,cases,houndstooth,owl,manila folder,rib cage

1. I'm a sucker for houndstooth so it's no surprise that I fell in love with this case from Etsy seller blytheking the instant I saw it.
2. Aw, this angry little owl case from Etsy seller BoutiqueID is too adorable!
3. Not only is this bag by CaseCrown super cute, but it's the perfect size for an iPad.
4. I love how sleek and functional the DODOcase is--not to mention the fact that it looks like a simple moleskine notebook.
5. A case that looks like a manila envelope? Two thumbs up to this case sleeve from BoxWave.
6. Honestly, how rad is this RibCage case from SwitchEasy? Love it.

Check out these and my other iPad finds here.

Have you come across any fab iPad cases? Please share?

1 comment:

CloudyOne said...

Well of course you HAD to get it so that you could better mock it. It's called infiltrating the enemy! :P