Monday, October 18, 2010

Things I Love:

I seriously don't think I would survive without's sort of awesomesauce. I've been using this site to manage my tasks since December 2009 and it's been true love ever since. List

Why I love TeuxDeux
  1. The super clean and user-friendly interface
  2. The ability to edit tasks as needed
  3. I can drag tasks around on the same day or move to a different day when I want to re-prioritize
  4. The "someday" list. I'm a super busy gal and I may have something come up that is super low-priority... this is where I put these tasks
  5. I get to cross off the tasks when I'm done
  6. There is an entire backlog of my completed tasks so if I want to know what I was doing 3 months ago, I can find out
  7. "Scheduling" tasks for a certain day is as easy as jumping to that date on the calendar and typing it in.
  8. Unfinished tasks automatically roll over to the next day
  9. Their FAQs are hysterical

Not So Great, but No Deal-Breakers!
  • They don't offer recurring tasks...but this is totally something I can live with. Once I cross off what I considered to be a recurring task, I simply type it onto the next day that it needs to be completed. Easy peasy.
  • No Android app--yet! They currently have a iPhone app (I'd totally pay the $3 for it if I had an iPhone...), but they are apparently working on the Android version. Yay!
Other Things to Note...
  • Another Yay factor is that they're currently working on optimizing for the iPad. Hooray!
  •  They don't offer a reminder/alert for due or overdue tasks, so if you're the sort of person who needs that, you won't find it here. Personally, my Teux Deux list is always open in my browser so I don't need reminders. Just get in the habit of looking every day
  • Completed tasks don't automatically drop to the bottom. This doesn't bother me one bit (I either drag it to the bottom myself or refresh the page), but the OCD types might be a little troubled by that. But then again, maybe you won't be... ;)
Bottom line, if you're looking for a task manager, give this one a try. I think it's pretty rad!

Do you use Teux Duex? Let me know what you think!

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jemina said...

I've never heard of teux deux before, but I will after this :))

Thanks for sharing