Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And Everything is Going to the Beat


Navy blazer - Thrifted | Multi-chain necklace - Lolabella Boutique | Black v-neck - Target
Petal to the Metal Natasha - Marc by Marc Jacobs | Black jeans - Forever 21
Grey suede platform pumps - Forever 21 | Sunglasses - Some random shop in SF

Oh man, what a day! Lots of time was spent preparing for my upcoming trip to NYC! I'm having the hardest time trying to decide what to pack for this trip! I know the basics: flat/comfy shoes and lots of warm layers. But that doesn't really help me narrow it down--would it help you? Any suggestions?

If I can only do or see ONE thing while in NYC, what would you suggest that one thing be?


Amber said...

Hey Adiel, saw your post on FB so I thought I'd share my tips. I go to NYC a few times a year to visit my sister-in-law and it took me a few years before I had down a really good packing "plan" for the winter. This is what works for me personally:

I never try to pack anything TOO trendy or standout-ish. I Think "minimal, classic comfortable and cool." I don't want to look like a tourist nor do I want to look like I'm trying too hard.
I always pack a lot of black and gray and I make sure everything can be mixed and matched. This makes it a lot easier to pack light (so you can do more shopping!). I throw in some statement necklaces for a little glamor in the evenings. They take up no space in the suitcase but make a big impact and light up the face.

My three must haves for visiting the city in the winter are black knee high leather riding boots (with RUBBER soles! I wear them with leggings/dresses/jeans...they go with everything, are snow friendly, warm etc), a mid-length black wool coat (ala classic Jcrew style...again, it goes with everything), and black skinny jeans (again, they go with everything!)
Don't forget gloves and a warm scarf!

From there I usually pack one versatile dress, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a few "dressy" tops, some plain tees, and a few cool knit cardigans or blazers (like the ones All Saints sells).

As for my one favorite thing to do or see in NYC...It's to EAT! The food in NYC is ahhhhhmazing. :p

Have fun and keep warm!

Unknown said...

My advice is: Don't pack too much. Jewelry weighs less and takes up less space and will completely change the feel of your outfit. Yes to bringing comfy shoes but also bring some interesting, singular shoes for going out at night.

Some special food places I personally recommend:
Le Bernardin (you can eat at the bar if you don't want to get a reservation). It's in the $100-$150 per person range and wholly worth every penny.
Gray's Papaya - super cheap iconic eat-standing-up hot dog joint.
Rodeo Bar - best frozen strawberry margaritas in the city, only about $9 a pop, awesome live music every night.
Manitoba's - my favorite punk rock bar, awesome jukebox.

Some awesome non-food things:
Love Shine (great hand made Mexican/Day of the Dead type stuff store)
Washington Square Park (lots to do off the park, lots of interesting and weird people to observe in the park)
Museum of Natural History - my personal favorite museum. The Museum of Sex is also interesting.
I don't want to recommend outer borough stuff but there are plenty of hip things to do in Williamsburg and Astoria.
Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. Picture orgasms. Even in the cold it's worth popping on really quick.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

You two are awesomesauce! Thanks for the advice! Amber, wish you were going to be at the meetup! Ali, see you soon! :)