Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby's First Converse

I have a confession: I've never owned a pair of Converse shoes before. No high-tops, no all-stars, nothing.

But all that has changed now.

Jack Purcell Converse

When I got from work one day last week, I stopped short at the sight of a large cardboard box just inside the door to my home. Lucky for me, the box had my name on it! I opened it up to reveal my first pair of Converse shoes--a pair of white Jack Purcell sneakers from the superawesome people I met at the Lucky FABB conference earlier this month.

Jack Purcell Converse

Jack Purcell Converse

I'm beyond thrilled with these bright white sneaks and I can't wait to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I'm looking forward to this challenge since I've never really been much of a sneaker girl, and this also means that I'm welcoming any suggestions on how to wear them!

Thanks, Converse and Lucky!

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