Friday, February 4, 2011

Back in Black (Lace)

It's more than official: I love Sally Hansen Nail Strips. I left my houndstooth nail strips on for as long as I could, just to see how long they would last. On day 7, I did end up putting a top coat on which helped make them last the full ten days the package claimed they would last.

On day 10, the part around my cuticles started lifting a bit so I decided to remove them. They came off pretty easily with nail polish remover.

Then it was time to put on my next pair; this time I chose the lace pattern. They seemed even easier to put on the second time, maybe because I was familiar with it already.

Sally Hansen Lace Nail Strips

I'm seriously obsessed with these. I hope my local drugstores have restocked because I definitely need to restock! ;)

Have you tried these yet? What do you think?


Katie | said...

Oh my gosh, this pair looks amazing too! Love this - I'm going to need to try these!

hydrangea lover said...

so cool I must buy ones.
really cool blog!
have a nice night.

Ash and Damian said...

Hahahah! I have the exact same ones on right now and as I was doing them I was thinking, "I bet Adiel would love these." And I log on to find you do! I love it! And I am addicted to them as well! When are you coming here again?

La Dick said...

ha ha i just posted about these too! the lace joints are the BEST! i wonder if we start some kind of movement we could get sally hansen to step up production and make some new patterns... =) i'm doing herringbone next.