Saturday, March 19, 2011

Footwear Saturday - Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D

I participated in the Bloggers' Day of Silence tomorrow so I'm doing this Footwear Friday post a day late. Find out more about this at

[Photo via Solestruck (left) and Nasty Gal (right)]

I've been obsessed with these Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D shoes for a long time, but as I decide it's time to actually buy them, I realized that I've missed the boat. These sky-high beauties are sold out in almost every color and every size--everywhere! So, if by some miracle anyone has an extra pair of these lying around in a size 7, you know where to send 'em!

Have you ever missed out on that must-have item because you waited too long? Let me know your story!


Amber said...

NastyGal(dot)com has them in a 7.5, think you could put in a thick insole insert and get them to fit that way?

Amber said...

Singer22 dot come has the leopard print ones in a size 7!!

Unknown said...

They are awesome - I hope you score them. I wanted this fringe jacket from the William Rast for Target line but decided I didn't want to spend the money and it was completely sold out when I went back for it a week later. I'm still not 100% sure I really wanted it but once it was gone I was pretty convinced I did.

Rich said...

I actually have these in a 7 in nude for sale :) I haven't worn them, I kind of lost interest because I've been fading into that whole Wang minimalist trend hahaha. I'm selling them for 120!

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

I know that your post is pretty old, but have you sold the shoes already?