Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Polka Dots and Pearls

 I've been waiting till it warmed up a bit before I debuted this skirt, but the Everybody, Everywear polka dots day seemed like the perfect excuse to stop waiting. I even had on my polka dot nail strips on still--double dots!





Grey boyfriend cardi - Target | Chambray shirt - Gap | Pearl necklaces - From my grandmother
Polka dot skirt - Sway in Santa Cruz | Grey tights - Target | Brown lace-up boots - Forever 21
Wing ring - Therapy in Mountain View | Oval ring - Forever 21

Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear


Linda said...

A cute polka dot skirt with pockets? Great find!

Thanks for joining us at EBEW today!
The Auspicious Life

Collette Osuna said...

Love your dotted outfit....how fun...and I wear pearls with dots all the time...I did today too..very cool...so nice to meet you:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Marrdy said...

Love the polka dots. Looks like you could have blown away!

Miranda said...

Great outfit, now following :)


katou said...

Really love this outfit you have amazing style and the polka dots+denim shirt combo is wonderful!!!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

SPOT ON! :D Lovely look! Love the nails! :D
Greetings from a fellow polka girl from EBEW!


P.S: I'm giving away a $500 FOLEY + CORINNA bag for my blog's Birthday! Would love to see you joining the fun! :D

Pj.steph said...

Like, but I think you should do rights that are a little more sheer.

Unknown said...

Ahh, so cute! This was the first EBEW that I could so totally have done. Darnit. Pearls are so perfect with polka dots.

Unknown said...

The nails.
Need I say more!


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! Those polka dot nails are awesome!

Cait said...

I absolutely love this outfit! It looks like something I'd wear so I may have to use this as some inspiration. Love your blog, so happy I stumbled upon it!


Anonymous said...

This is such a cute outfit! ;)

Alisa said...

this is a great look, and i love your nails ;)

Alisa said...
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Alisa said...
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Alisa said...
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Alisa said...

apologies for the multiple comments- my computer has gone a bit mad!

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Love the outfit and the nails are amazing!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Anonymous said...

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