Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Poppy

I went out for karaoke and a drunk guy at the bar stopped me and asked, "Excuse me, is that a poppy on your wrist?"

"Yes, it is," I answered.

"What does that mean to you?" he inquired.

"Uh, it's a pretty piece of jewelry."

He then proceeded to tell me a story about poppies that I no longer remember.

Drunk people make me laugh.







Hat - H&M | Polka dot peter pan blouse - Urban Outfitters | Brown belt - H&M
Tomato red midi skirt - H&M | Poppy necklace (worn as bracelet) - Etsy
Grandma's ID bracelet - Vintage | Faux wooden sandals - Xhilaration | Clock ring - Etsy

I need suggestions for good karaoke songs, I never know what to sing! I wanted to sing Best for Last by Adele, but they didn't have it so I sang Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners. What's your go-to karaoke song?


Amber said...

What's the color on your nails? Its super pretty. Was the Poppy story something about the fact that Opium is made from it? Lol. I can't quite get into maxi skirts, but I think I can do the midi ones. This one looks great on you - shows just enough leg! I have lots of go to karaoke songs - Pat Benatar Hit Me with your Best Shot or Heartbreaker, Joan Jett I Love Rock n Roll, anything 80's era Madonna....pretty much anything 80s really. I always thought about doing C'mon Eileen. Love that you chose that!

Unknown said...

This outfit is completely darling! My voice is like cats scratching on garbage cans so I don't do karaoke but if I did I'd do some Violent Femmes or "I Know What Boys Want" or maybe Petty or Dylan. Something where it would matter less that my singing is painful to the humans.

I think a great song for karaoke that no one really does anymore is "Dancing in the Moonlight."

Sora said...

I love your ring! You're too cute.

Kristina said...

Lovely! Makes me think I need a red skirt ASAP!

I like to sing "My Heart Will Go On" hahaha *embarassed*

Unknown said...

Darling outfit on you!

Melissa said...

By chance, was the man who spoke to you, a veteran? The poppy you're wearing is reminiscent of the buddy poppy given out by Veterans of Foreign Wars, a tradition started back in the 1920's (and commemorated by the poem, "In Flanders Fields").

There's a ton more info here: and an image of the poppy that is still given out today. On Veteran's Day, typically, if you donate to the VFW a vet will give you a poppy to thank you for your donation.

Perhaps this was the story he told you?

Katie | said...

GORGEOUS outfit! Oh, that skirt is just so pretty! Looks perfect with your poppy jewelry!

The fact that a guy even knew it was a poppy amazes me, let alone the fact that he knew while drunk. Ha ha. :)