Friday, March 4, 2011

Tribal Print

I'm pretty picky about the prints on my clothes, I've known it for years. I typically don't go for non-symmetrical prints, but when I saw this top, I sort of had to have it. I'm actually sort of obsessed with it right now.




Ivory cardi - Target | Tribal print top - Forever 21 | Black skirt - H&M | Black opaque tights - Hue
Brown lace-up booties - Forever 21 | Silver necklace with turquoise and orange- Inherited from my grandmother
Clear blue stone ring - Target | Silver double ring - Pink Stripes in San Jose

Have you gone tribal yet?


CloudyOne said...

With the distance you are away from the wall...and the distance your fist is away from the camera...

Your ring is the same size as the squares on the wall! Pretty cool :P

...and is that mini-brassknuckles on my sisters fingers???

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

I love your comments on my outfit posts, Mr CloudyOne. I guess you could call them mini brassknuckles. ;)

Pj.steph said...

Haha! He is jealous.