Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lazy Bones

With how much I've been working lately, I haven't really had much time to put a whole lot of thought into outfits all the time. Today's outfit was a casualty of my limited free time. This is what happens when I'm feeling lazy.




Sheer black button-up - Therapy Boutique | Off-white striped t-shirt - Urban Outfitters
Skinny jeans - Gap 1969 | Nude platform pumps - Jessica Simpson | Lips - NARS Heat Wave
Domino & tassel necklace - DIY | Clock ring - Etsy | Silver spiral ring - ??
Studded wrap bracelet - DIY  | Hex nut bracelet - DIY | Wrapped rhinestone bracelet - DIY
Braided chain bracelet - DIY | Beaded wrap bracelet - ??

14 comments: said...

Loving that DIY necklace. Notice the numbers on that domino...1 and 3. Hehe!


Maria said...

Loving that DIY necklace. Notice the numbers on that domino...1 and 3. Hehe!



Natalie Suarez said...

super cute! i love ur hair! :)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

love the nude shoes, they look spectacular and the bracelets

Kristi7 said...

Super cute!! Love your DIY jewelry!

amy said...

I'm sure you hear this often.. but you have stunning hair! The way it frames your face is loveliness.

The shoes are wonderful too x

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Jada said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jada said...

I love that lip stick color, so pretty!

Minestrone Soup for the Teenage Soul

alicatstrut said...

So, allow me a moment to be completely inappropriate: OMG IS YOUR BRA HOUNDSTOOTH? I have complete love for patterned bras under sheer tops. Awesome. Sometimes simple black and white and basics are so totally the way to go.

artsyazn said...

My boyfriend would often tell me that my most comfortable, easiest, "just-pulled-from-closet," are the ones said more to him about me, my style, and my ease with fashion. I think sometimes when you don't think about it too hard, it can come through as simple, classy, chic; just like the way you're wearing it now. So hurray! <3

Nubia said...

Your shoes are so pretty! and that's a nice lipstick shade.

Anonymous said...

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