Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shopping Haul: Wedges, Skirt, and Bling

A bought a few new things over the last week and I'm so stoked, I thought I would share!

I went shopping with my friends Sarah and Katie last week and between the three of us, we really gave the shoe salesman at Nordstrom a run for his money--I don't know how many pairs of shoes he pulled out of the back for us. Lucky for us, he was extremely patient with us!

I spotted a pair of wedges on display and liked them so I tried them on. Tangent--I never realized how lucky I am to be able to try on the display shoe. It never occurred to me until Sarah pointed it out. But back to the topic... The moment I slipped that wedge on, it was love. It only took a little coaxing from my friends and these Sam Edelman Javi wedges, came home with me!

Sam Edelman Javi Wedges
Sam Edelman Javi Wedges (3)

Sam Edelman Javi Wedges (1)

Sam Edelman Javi Wedges (2)

Pleated Skirt
Ever since I purchased my white pleated skirt, I've been wanting to buy another in a different color. I spotted a couple of cute pleated skirts in fun colors last week, so with help from my Kaboodle pals, I decided to get the berry-colored skirt. The super sweet gal from Folie à Deux Vintage messaged me to let me know it was on the way and the next day, it was here! Hooray! The packaging was adorable, complete with a handwritten note--I simply had to snap a few photos. Can't wait to wear it and show you!

Berry Pleated Skirt (3)
Berry Pleated Skirt (2)

Berry Pleated Skirt

Metal Mosaic Ring
I've been signed up on Jewelmint for a while, but until last week, I never purchased anything from them. I've had my eye on a few things, but I finally decided to get the Metal Mosaic ring. When the package arrived, I was was completely enamored with the packaging. They really put a lot of branding on it, it made me little ring seem extra special. If you haven't checked out Jewelmint yet, I recommend you do! And if you do, of course I would be so very pleased if you would use my referral code to sign up! ;)

Jewelmint Ring (2)
Jewelmint Ring

Jewelmint Ring (1)

What have you purchased lately? Please share!

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Debs - said...

Love the wedges!

Lynzy said...

Those wedges are to die for!

xo Lynzy

Katie | said...

LOVE ALL OF IT! Those wedges are amazing! The color of that skirt is perfect!

I have heard SO many good things about Jewelmint lately! I signed up a while back but resisted from buying anything... it's getting harder now that I see that ring on someone IRL - it's gorgeous!

Becky said...

Sweet purchases! I love Sam Edelman shoes and that ring is really cute as well!

Unknown said...

The shape of those shoes. Oh. Man. Fabulous. And yay for the berry!

Great buys.

Amy Moore said...

I just bought these shoes in the tan and LOVE them!! So happy to have found your blog, you have some serious style!! Quick question, the handbag in the first photo, the nude one...what is that? I think I need it STAT!!