Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Manicures - Shattered

So many color options!

I bought a Groupon for Peninsula Beauty awhile back and I decided this was the weekend to use it. Naturally, my first stop was their polish wall. I spent quite a bit of time looking for a hue that I don't already own. I saw a color sitting on the shelf that sort of reminded me of one of my favorite lipsticks, MAC's Spitfire, so I decided that it needed to come home with me. Hello, OPI's Dim Sum Plum!

dim sum plum opi
Pink lemonade!

But nothing else really stood out to me and I had $20 to spend, so I decided to walk around and grab something else. To my pleasant surprise, I turned around to see the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (which I had no idea that it was out already) and just one solitary bottle of silver Shatter. To be honest, I was so surprised to see that they had any left at all. It was the last one in the store, so of course I had to buy it!

opi silver shatter polish

And another mani from this weekend...
My roomie had her first softball game this weekend so in honor of that, I painted her nails in a softball-theme in her team's colors. In this mani I used OPI's Black Shatter, OPI for Sephora in Hi Def and What's a Tire Jack? (for the laces).

black and orange baseball mani

Any SF Giants fans out there? This mani totally reminds me of our World Champs!

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Mette said...

Love it!

Mila said...

Oh amazing nailpolishes.

Unknown said...

Cute effect on the softball nails. And I love the pink color.

Kristen said...

a)Love the nail color, mine are a super similar color right now too :-)
b)I didn't know the Silver OPI Shatter was out already--I need it!
& c)love the black and orange nails..they are sooo SF Giants!

Anonymous said...

These colors are fabulous! Esp. love the fuschia looking one. Great blog!


GothamPolish said...

The silver shatter is too much fun!!!