Thursday, June 16, 2011

At the Top of the Ferris Wheel

The San Mateo County Fair has been happening within view from my office and I've been sort of dying to go. I've always loved local fairs and carnivals, there is just something very charming about them. From the carnival food to the potentially unsafe rides--I love it!

I've been dying to go to the fair to get my hands on a funnel cake and, lucky me, today was that day! At lunch, some of my friends from work and I walked down to the fair where we feasted on an assortment of funnel cakes and enjoyed the incredibly warm and sunny day. Maria and I also took a ride on the ferris wheel! 

Floppy straw hat - F21 | Karen Walker cat eye sunnies - Bona Drag | Amethyst rock ring - DIY'd
Floral maxi dress - H&M | Brass locket - Sway boutique | Pink clutch - F21 | Sandals - Target
Bracelets - Target, Vintage, Claire's, and H&M | Jan Michaels lion ring - Therapy boutique

Do you attend your local county fair? What's your favorite part?

P.S. See a closer look at my glittery ombre nails here!


Amber said...

That maxi is lovely! mmm funnel cakes. Though I tend towards the elephant ears more than the funnel cakes. Mostly for nostalgic reasons :) I'm going to be out of town for my local area fair so I'm bummed. I'll have to find another one someplace!

Angela said...

That first pic is the real-life version of my photoshop from last year!!

Wendy said...

I am obsessing over that clutch. Also, you look amazing and I'm glad you got to the fair :)

Unknown said...

I am extremely jealous! I keep waiting for a carnival to come to my city.... Love the dress by the way!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the fair! :) xo!

fairy on acid said...

So lovely!

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