Monday, July 25, 2011

Things That Made My Day

I somehow ended up going through my blog archives tonight and came across and old franchise I used to do called Things That Made My Day. I liked reading them so I thought I ought to bring that back! So here it goes, a few things that made my day:

#1. My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order arrived! I got the Michael Kors Large Layton watch in rose gold and the Steve Madden Lindley boots in black!

New watch!

I love the zipper on the boots I snagged at Nordstrom's anniversary sale! Can't wait to wear them!

#2. Talking to my mom, sister, and niece on the phone!

Me, my mom, my sister, and niece - Taken July 2009, right after I moved to the Bay Area

#3. Chatting with silly Sarah and Katie. They always make me laugh!

#4. Rediscovering a post from May 2008 that I wrote about Twitter. It's pricelessly dorky.

What made your day extra lovely? Please share!

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