Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seeing in Zig Zags

Maria of Kitties + Couture and I decided to go to Target to check out the Missoni for Target collection before work on Tuesday. We showed up at the store at about 8:10 and I thought we were in good shape because the parking lot didn't look too full. As we walked in past the carts, I saw the racks where the Missoni clothes were supposed to be...
Completely empty.

On one hand, I expected it to be pretty picked through, but at 10 minutes after the doors opened for it to be completely cleaned out, I was just stunned.

As we walked around the store, each Missoni display was about the same, empty aside from a few random items. However, as we circled the store, I managed to find quite a few things! So many that I had to go through and put some things back.

When all was said and done, this is what I left with:

I scored the travel tote, martini shaker, note cards, medium makeup bag, zig zag suede pumps, umbrella, blue long knit cardigan, short-sleeve knit dress, zig zag printed blouse, and bobby pins. Not too shabby, right?

Later in the day, I went to Target with a couple of work friends and it was madness. Not a single Missoni thing was left and they had already filled the empty space with other merchandise. I kinda felt bad for the employees. I told them they didn't even need to bother unboxing anything or setting it up nice; us fanatics probably would have just unboxed it for them! ;)

I tried to get the bike, but with the site crashing all day long, by the time I got in, the colored one was long gone. And it's just as well cos when I tried to buy the black and white bike, the shipping was going to be $90! That stopped me in my tracks. So no bike for me. All of this other stuff will have to do! ;)

The word on the street is that some stores will be restocked, but no one can say where or when. If you're still hoping to get your hands on some Missoni, just keep checking your local Target store through October 22nd. Don't pay the outrageous prices on eBay!

Speaking of eBay, when I saw everything I bought was going for at least double what I paid, I was extremely tempted to just sell my haul. But don't worry, I got over that crazy thought pretty fast! I want these pretty things for myself! :)

Did you score any Missoni? I'm dying to hear YOUR story!

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Pj.steph said...

I feel like I should go check or targets so you can have your bike. :)