Monday, October 10, 2011

Get Yo' Sneak On!

I'm constantly whining that I don't know how to wear sneakers. To which I get smart aleck responses like, "Put them on your feet."
Well played, sir. I walked right into that one.

But really, I don't like the way sneakers look on me. They just don't look normal to me. I'm sure it's 100% in my head, but when I try to wear sneakers, more often than not, I end up replacing them with heels at the last minute. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've worn sneakers outside of going to the gym in the last few years. It just doesn't happen much.

After receiving an adorable pair of kicks from Philip Simon shoes a couple of weeks ago, my whining started up again.

So I love my new @PhilipSimonShoe kicks, but I need someone to teach me how to wear them...

Angie of The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About took pity on my and came up with a solution. Not only did she offer to show some support and wear sneakers with me, but she came up with the brilliant idea to ask all of you to join us, too!

Behold: #SneakySneakers Monday!

Next Monday, October 17, we're all going to rock our pumped up kicks and share our style on Twitter using the hashtag #SneakySneakers. Tweet at Angie @THYMWYA and me @Triplyksis with your outfit photos and blog post featuring your sneaky outfits!

I'll be featuring my favorite looks alongside my own in a blog post coming to you soon!

Now get yo' sneak on!

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