Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zoya Tao and Sephora Nail Art Pen

I enjoyed a lot of the lovely weekend weather from my patio this weekend; reading, experimenting with nail polish, and chatting with family on the phone.

I pulled out my bottle of Zoya's Tao that I picked up a couple of weeks back and painted a couple of coats on my nails. I love the shimmery grey color so much!

I really ought to have left it at that, but I was eager to try out the white Sephora nail art pen that I purchased. So, I carefully drew a geometric pattern on my left hand but found it quite difficult to start and keep the polish flowing. The pattern ended up looking like it was scratched into the grey polish and I found myself a bit underwhelmed with the result so I never finished my right hand.

I'd like to give another color a try and see if maybe this pen was a lemon. Or maybe it was user error, I don't know...

Have you tried any of Sephora's nail art pens? I'm curious to hear what other people think about them.

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