Friday, November 25, 2011

Paint Splatter Manicure

I saw a tutorial for splatter manicures a while back and thought it looked super cool! I got around to giving it a try and had a blast doing it.

Essentially, you dip the end of a straw into some polish and blow a puff of air through the straw to splatter the polish onto your nail. The tutorial I read suggests taping off the skin around your nails, but I simply just used a polish corrector pen when I was done. 

The hardest part of the manicure was picking out colors to use. After much deliberation, these are the lacquers I ended up using:

 Colors used: Essie Glamour Purse, Urban Outfitters Navy lacquer, Essie Carry On, Deborah Lippman Brick House, Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat (not pictured)

 And the finished product:

 I think I'll be repeating this technique with different colors in the future! How about you?



Wendy Brown said...

Can I hire you to come make my nails look good? This is one of my favorites.

SkippySays said...

Ok, I need to stop paying for professional manicures and just pay you to do my nails instead- they always look so much cooler!

Webhautejas said...

you know i love it!....