Friday, December 16, 2011

Sorel Challenge

Earlier this week, I was challenged to style the Sorel boots I was gifted. The problem is I took my plaid Milano Breve boots to Utah (where the tread and weatherproofing will really come in handy) when I visited over Thanksgiving. I left them there to use when I go back for Christmas and New Years. Since I can't wear them in real life today, I thought I'd show you the type of look I will wear them with when over the holidays in Utah!

See how Maria of Kitties + Couture, Meghan of Voila, Rebecca of Thirty-Five Inch Inseam, and Krystal of This Time Tomorrow styled their Sorel boots!


Maria said...

Definitely an Adiel look! Love!


sean said...

Adiel +sorel, I wouldn't of ever guessed.

Allergictovanilla said...

Where the heck are those glasses from, I can't find the link!!! NEED. :) thank you!

xo Carlina

Adiel said...

Oopsies! Looks like I forgot the link! Just updated the post--thanks! But you can get them here: