Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Olive + Orange

I had already tried on an armful of clothes and was making my way to the register when I spotted this jacket.

I'll admit it, it was an impulse purchase.
But one I'm super glad I made!

It's such a good lightweight jacket for the Bay Area weather and the texture adds a lot of dimension to this pretty basic ensemble.

I'm also thrilled with the color pairing in this look. The olive and orange combo really surprised me; I'm gonna have to try and rock it again!

Tortoise "Number One" sunglasses - Karen Walker | Lips - M.A.C Spitfire mixed with Revlon Siren | Cropped knit jacket - Forever 21 | Chain & rhinestone necklace - Miya Boutique | Olive tee - Mossimo | Studded ring trio - nOir | Woven silver ring - Shane Co. | Burnt orange MAC bag - Rebecca Minkoff | Black skinny jeans - F21 | Nude ankle booties - F21

And now it's time for a brief glimpse into this overworked brain of mine...

After a brief conversation with my roommate before walking out the door this morning, my commute was consumed with thinking about the dollars we all walk around with on a daily basis. I found myself mentally adding up original price of all the things I was wearing, carrying and using at that very moment. I started wondering who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to trust me with that much money.

So yeah, take that and chew on it for a while. See if you end up as flustered as I was walking around with all those dollars.

Good times with this brain of mine, I tell you what!


House Of Jeffers said...

I can't get enough of those boots! And I hear you on the money talk - I myself have put a swift stop to the amount of money I've been spending on clothes. Christmas gave me my fill, so I'm good for now. Ask me in another month - I'm sure I'll be back to old habits!


Angie said...

ohohohohoh!!!!!!!!!!  That jacket is so business.  So are those boots.  Can we go on a shopping date soon?  Miss you.



Adiel said...

Props to you for even trying to tone it down! You can do it!

Adiel said...

Yes yes yes! I shopping date sounds like a dream!