Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY Heart Top

Happy first day of February, dear friend! We made it through the most boring month of the year! I've had my eye on those adorable sweaters with the big heart on the chest, but all of the best ones sell out before I get to them. That's why I decided to just make one for myself--just in time for Valentine's Day! The best part is it was totally easy to do; you don't even need a sewing machine!

Want to make one for yourself? Keep reading to see how I did it:

First, gather all of your supplies. You will need:
  • A shirt/sweater - It's up to you to choose the style, but I would imagine a rounded neckline would work best.
  • Fabric for the heart - The amount of fabric you need depends on the size of the heart you want. I went with a 9"x9" heart. Also, make sure the fabric you choose can be ironed. I went with a black crushed velvet. 
  • Iron-On Adhesive - Choose ultra hold for heavier fabrics and lite for more delicate material. Make sure you have the same amount as you have fabric.
  • Scissors or Rotary Tool - The choice is yours!  
  • Something Heart-Shaped to Use as a Stencil - If you're confident in the ability to freehand a heart onto the fabric, you won't need this. I totally do though! I used a cardboard heart that is actually a Valentine's decoration.
  • Marking Pencils - Make sure it will show up on the fabric and adhesive.
  • A Hot Iron - And don't forget the ironing board!

Step 1: To get started, place your fabric face down and trace a heart onto it using your marking pencils.

Step 2: Carefully use your scissors or rotary tool to cut along your the line you just drew.

Step 3: Repeat the first two steps with the iron-on adhesive.

Step 4: Follow the direction on the packaging of the iron-on adhesive and place the adhesive on the back side of your fabric heart. Use an iron set to medium heat and press down on the paper side of your heart. Lift a repeat until the entire heart has been bonded.

Step 5: Trim off any excess adhesive that sticks out past your fabric.

Step 6: Decide where you want the heart to lie on your shirt. It's best if you put the shirt on and look in the mirror to see the placement. I think the heart looks best right on the center of your chest, bit since it's your shirt, you can choose where you want it. Once you've decided, take the shirt off and press the heart on until it has fully adhered.

Step 7: You're done. Seriously. It really was that easy. Now put it on and rock out with your heart out!

Can you believe how simple that is? I think I was done in less than 30 minutes! I may make another now that I know how simple it is! If you make it, definitely leave a comment with a link or a photo and I'll feature you on IBITTM's Facebook page!

Happy Valentine's Day Month! Love ya!


Carlina Harris said...

I LOVE this! How is it you are so supremely talented?! I am thinking I need something like this heart DIY, espesh since I missed out on the J. Crew sweater craze! 

xo Carlina

Adiel said...

Hah trust me, this one is really easy--anyone can do it! And I hope that you will! :)

erika said...

love the nails!  free hand polish skills or nail strips/wraps?

Adiel said...

They're actually done with tape.

Kristen Kubiak said...

Great idea! And um did you do those nails with tape?? DIY post please! :-)

Adiel said...

Don't worry, the post is to come! :)

SkippySays said...

What a cute idea, and it turned out awesome. Nice job girl!

Melody.Rodriguez22 said...

So cute! I did something similar, but instead I put hearts on the elbows of a sweater.

Fashionablecollections said...

You made this? I thought it was from Wildfox!! Great DIY.

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Amanda Weiss said...

Ohhh I SO love this idea! I am in need of a DIY weekend soon! :-) Love it girl!

<3 Amanda

Wendy Brown said...

I can't get over your creativity. This is awesome! Also, "the most boring month of the year"? Really? That boring month yielded several of your favorite people in the world. So, you should take that back :)