Friday, February 3, 2012

Julep Maven - American Beauty

Last month, I signed up to be a Julep Maven. For $20 each month they'll send you a sneek peek box with mani goodies curated to fit your style. When I took their style quiz, they pegged me as a Classic with a Twist but I chose to get their American Beauty box because I preferred the colors in that set. After ordering, my box arrived rather quickly.

The January American Beauty set included two lacquers; a metallic pink called Maria and a bright purple called Anne.

Also included was a full size Julep Glow On hand brightener and a hand cream sample.

After trying on the lacquers, I am officially hooked. Just look at these colors!

This purple is divine! The finish seemed semi-matte to me, which I found interesting. I had to work fast when polishing my nails with this color as it seemed to dry super fast!

And how awesome is the metallic pink? It went on so smooth and only had to use one coat! Plus, I love that the color reminds me of the Alexander Wang Anais loafer pumps! What's fun is that based on the color in the bottle, I probably wouldn't have picked this out to buy, but I'm so thrilled it came in this set so I had a chance to try it. It's definitely going to be one of my new faves!

Are you a Julep Maven yet? What results did you get when you took their style quiz?


Santina said...

I'm not a Julep Maven, but I might have to follow your usual! That purple is really pretty!

Adiel said...

I want to know what they say you are after you take their quiz.

Katie said...

Love both of these shades but, MAN!, that purple! Outstanding!

Linda said...

Cute post darling!  Love both!♥

Linda from

katealamode said...

Love that purple! How well does the nail polish hold up? I've found that fast-drying polish tends to chip on me.

- Kate

katealamode said...

P.S. I took the quiz and apparently I'm a bombshell... I never mind getting called that! ;)


Kristina Newton said...

It says I'm an It Girl but I haven't signed up yet.  I really like the It Girl colors.  Are you able to Skip the Month or do you have to pay the $19.99 a month no matter what?

Fashionablecollections said...

That purple color is stunning.

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Alexandria Baker said...

Anne looks amazing on you! What is your favorite Julep color?


Julep Maven Team

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Alexandria said...

You are able to skip months in between, and you are also able to pick whichever box you want each month- you don't have to chose It Girl everytime.


Julep Maven Team

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