Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 Hot Manicures Spotted at SF's Posh Party

Earlier this week I shared party pics from Poshmark's party at Acre/SF. Naturally, all of San Francisco's most stylish were in attendance so my outfit inspiration meter was overflowing. What you may not have noticed was all of the fantastic phalanges in the crowd. From polka dots to glitter, pastels to konad stamps--these digits were decked out! See the top ten nails I spotted at this fashion-forward party!

Sarah of Mixbook was sporting a fantastic greige-y gradient design.

Margot of MSB Chic has me ready to pull the trigger on my own Konad starter set!

Maria of Kitties + Couture and Poshmark was rocking my favorite color, peach, with silver glitter tips.

These swoon-worthy pastel yellow digits belong to Carlina of Allergic to Vanilla and Poshmark.

Love the color combo Marissa of Chloe Rose Boutique had on her fingers!

My momma should have warned me about the hot blue Angie would be rocking on her nails.

Amanda of Color Me Blue and Santina of Style by Santina were pretty in pastels!

Kristen of It Was Fashion Fate's minty-fresh mani had an unexpected surprise with that gunmetal grey accent nail

The most creative manicure definitely had to be the DIY'd polka dot digits found on Amanda of Poshmark and Fashionablee Me.


kate à la mode said...

The konad one is really well done - I've been tempted to get a set myself. But those polkadots are fantastic!

Margot Bookspan said...

Ah I LOVE Maria's glitter tips! They look so good! :) 

Adiel said...

I totally agree! Let me know what you think if you decide to get a Konad set!

Adiel said...

I know and she did them herself! So proud! ;)

Maria said...

Aww love this! :) I was seriously proud of myself! ;)

Maria said...

 Thanks, gf!

Sarah Wetmore said...

Jamaicin' me blush, girl! So honored to be included :)

Adiel said...

I love that gradient! I'm inspired to do it myself!

Adiel said...

As you should be!

pancakeSTACKER said...

ah! love thisss! of course you'd capture the best nails at the party! i'll be on the lookout for this type of post the next time we are at a fiesta in the city! 


Adiel said...

There were too many good ones, I just had to do it!

Kristen Kubiak said...

What a cool blog post! Everyone's nails were lookin mighty fly ;-) I need those Konad Stamps!

Margot Bookspan said...

you should be they were great!

Vale said...

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