Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Engagement Photo Inspiration

We're getting our engagement photos done this weekend by the lovely Sarah of Portraits to the People and I'm so excited!

Obviously there are many, many beautiful engagement photos that I've seen throughout the years. Here a few brilliant snaps that are inspiring me for our upcoming photo shoot!

Gorgeous, right? I can only hope mine turn out this good! And wish me luck because this weekend's forecast calls for rain. Eep!

Also, if you were wondering how dress shopping went, it was good! After trying on many of the dresses I had on my list (and quite a few others!) I found the one and purchased it. The only downside is it won't be in from the designer until mid-July. Le sigh.

Dress shopping!

I wish I could share photos, but I don't want to risk any details getting back to my fiance before our big day! But I will tell you it's white, lacy, and makes me feel like a princess! As a consolation, check out these pretty short dresses I spotted at the bridal salon!

Check back next Wednesday for my next weddingness update!


Allergictovanilla said...

those pics are so dope! I can only imagine the city to be an INCREDIBLE backdrop for something this special!! 

x carlina

Dora C said...

I just love the third one with the balloons . So cute :)

Santina said...

Okay, as you know I'm not really into weddings/marriage but these photos are adorbs! Love the first two and the one in which they're laying in the grass. So cute! When are you guys taking photos? 

Katie said...

LOVE that top engagement photo! So cute!

So happy that you found your dress! Can't wait till we finally get to see your dress! :)

Roadystyle said...

I love all these Pics! Congrats on your Engagement!