Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm a Poser

I've been sort of hooked on the fun app Pose lately--have you heard of it? If you haven't, allow me to make a little introduction! It's an app for iPhones and Android devices that allows you to share self-photographed snapshots of your personal style. It has not only been a fun way for me to share exclusive outfit details, but it's been a fresh source of style inspiration! Peep these fresh manicures and outfit details that never made it to IBITTM!

I grabbed a couple of Essie's latest lacquers while in Utah and used a toothpick to create this fun confetti mani!

Pairing up two of my favorites; Essie Chinchilly and Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday

A super subtle chevron design!

Playing with nail art tape and Konad stamping on top of Essie's Ole Caliente!

This Pose of my coral confetti nails was featured in Pose's new user survey! Hooray!

A simple outfit from a rainy day spent at my mother's home in Utah.

Salmon nails with metallic stripes! Love.

I'm obsessed with the foily finish of this nailtini polish!

Just a little bit of arm candy!

My travel ensemble! (Bonus: Check out my travel essentials in a guest post on House of Jeffers!)

Playing around with potential wedding day nails!

Are you on Pose? Look me up (I'm always triplyksis!) and be sure to let me know your username so I can follow you, too!


Blue Vanilla said...

You are adorable!! Love the nails, the jewels and those SHOES!!! Lets play soon! Nail date...wine date...play date!! xoxoxo

GothamPolish said...

I love the Essie Chinchilly and Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday manicure best :)

Anonymous said...

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