Friday, April 27, 2012

Ladies Night at Mira Mira

Earlier this week I made my way to Ladies Night at Mira Mira in San Francisco for nail art fun with local lacquer brand Pams & Kin and co-hosted by Santina of Style by Santina.

The lovely ladies of Mira Mira, Tara and Mira! I love how they were able to wear the same top in two very different ways. It says a lot about how strong their personal style is!

I've been dying to meet Parris and Kiri of Pams & Kin ever since Angie of The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About introduced me to their polish collection. These ladies are every bit as sweet as they looked. It was so much fun to sit and talk with them about their history together and their experiments with creating their polish.

The gorgeous Santina with her lovely locks and beautiful style!

At the nail table, they had a stack of instruction cards to teach you how to do neon leopard, polka dot, and glitter ombre manicures.

Pams & Kin provided a large array of lacquers for attendees to use. Neons, glitters, pastels--the works!

Of course they also had some bottles for sale. I could help myself--I scooped up four new colors!

As for the nails art... I've done a lot of glitter ombre and polka dot manis so I decided to learn the neon leopard. After a rough start on the pinky nail, I got a hang of the technique and I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out!

Thanks to all of the lovely ladies there for the wonderful time! Can't wait for the next ladies night!


Santina said...

Ahhhh it was so good to see you! Thank you so much for coming!

And, of course, I manage to look like a bobble head. It might be my signature move...after the peace sign, obvs.

Eli said...

It was awesome seeing you, I wish I had had the patience to do my nails half as nice as yours!!

Allergictovanilla said...

Aww love this post! Miss you already! SO glad I got to hang with you this weekend!! That fab neon leopard mani is fierce! Let's do drinks soon!

x carlina

Adiel said...

It was super great to see you, too! <3

Adiel said...

You totally don't look like a bobble head, silly. I freaking love that photo of you!