Tuesday, May 22, 2012


About this look...
When I saw this top on the racks, it beckoned to me to buy it. The colors, the pattern, the cut--it's just all so good! 

When I got it home, I had the hardest time deciding how to wear it. Regular jeans seemed too plain and boring. I tried it with different colored trousers but none of them looked right. Tucking it into a skirt seemed like a good idea except it covered up too much of the fun colors and patterns. 

But when I got these highlighter yellow jeans, I knew that they were the answer to this dilemma. I love the way that the yellow portion of the top flows right into the yellow of the jeans. 

I wore this outfit to Digital Style Digest launch party (see some of the fun photos on their Facebook page!). It was hilarious how many heads this outfit turned as I was walking down the streets of San Francisco. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when some random stranger came out of a shop to tell me he loved all of the colors. I felt like a walking highlighter and I loved it!

The saddest part of this story is that some girl spilled her red wine all down the leg of my pants. Everyone was quick to offer remedies (sparkling water, apple cider vinegar, white wine, oxyclean, etc.), but all I could get at the event was a bit of water. I diluted the stain with said water until I could get home. Once I was home, I used a bit of Shout spray as that was all I had on hand.

After laundering the jeans the next morning. There was still a faint purpley-black stain. It was so light that I probably could have just rocked the jeans and people might not have noticed unless I pointed it out. However, enough people had suggested trying Oxyclean that I decided to run out at get some. I followed the direction on the tub and the jeans came out with orange swirls all over. The only thing I can imagine is that there was lingering bleach. So now I mourn the loss of my bright yellow jeans.

Now I just have to figure out what DIY technique I can use to make these jeans wearable once again.

Sunglasses - c/o TOMS via LuckyFABB | Lips - Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Flame | Neon scarf print blouse - H&M | Pyramid spike bracelet - Blue Vanilla | Nude clutch - Forever 21 | Neon yellow skinny jeans - Gap 1969 | Transparent heel nude sandals - Zara | Nails - Essie, Pams & Kin, Julep

Thought of the day... 
Have you ever successfully removed a red wine stain from clothing, carpet, or furniture? I'd love to hear how you did it! And if there is a magic bleach reversal technique I don't know about, you should definitely fill me in on that as well!

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Lisa said...

cut them and make them shorts! loving the neon colors

House Of Jeffers said...

The colors look fabulous together! Bummer about the jeans - cutting them is a great suggestion!


Amanda Weiss said...

UGH I am soooo bummed to hear about these pants- they are (were) fantastic and worked amazingly with this top! You look gorgeous and I love the heels! <3!!!!


kate @ undeniable style said...

Such a fun outfit! Walking highlighter, I love it.

Santina said...

I could cry just thinking of that red wine splashing onto your jeans. I am so sorry! For what it's worth, you rocked them out for their last wear in tact. ;) 

Neons really work on you! Maybe a replacement pair of jeans is in order? 

Eli said...

Orange swirls?! Oh my these pants have gone on a trip. HOPE you can get the stain out, maybe it's something for the dry cleaners?

Wendy Brown said...

People dye clothes sometimes, right? Maybe these jeans can be dyed. They might not be the same fantastic yellow, but they might not be swirly. I don't have a clue about these things, though. 

Jessica Broyles said...

LOVE the colors of this outfit! I'm wanting some yellow jeans!


House Of Jeffers said...

The colors look fabulous together! Bummer about the jeans - cutting them is a great suggestion!