Monday, May 7, 2012

The LuckyFABB West Top 10

Just one short week ago, I was in Santa Monica for Lucky FABB West! With some time to collect my thoughts on the conference, I'm finally ready to share some of my favorite moments from the thrill-packed day! Behold, in chronological order, the top ten stand-out moments of my LuckyFABB West experience!

Outfit details: Faceted button post earrings - Express | Gold chain necklace - Forever 21 | DIY dip-dyed denim jacket | Crochet top - H&M | Yellow ankle jeans - Gap | Rose gold watch - Michael Kors | Methacralyte sandals - Zara

#1 Zac Posen
After a light breakfast, we all gathered to start off the day by hearing from the charming Zac Posen. It was an absolute thrill to be listening to such a successful-yet-humble man! Amid his abundant advice, my favorites bits were when he encouraged us to look beyond instant gratification with blogging and to be cordial in all we do. I loved when he uttered the familiar adage, "Keep it simple stupid!"--always a great reminder!

It was also hilarious when someone asked Zac if he was wearing a Mockingbird pin from the Hunger Games movie. I already knew that it wasn't since the Etsy seller Dana Schneider was only given the rights to make four for the movie. It was still fun to watch and hear his reaction to the question as he told us it was a vintage snake pin.

#2 Staying True To Your Voice Panel + Bri Emery
The "Staying True To Your Voice" panel sparked a lot of strong opinions both on stage and on Twitter. It seems the topics of sharing your personal life on your blog, responding to "haters," and  knowing who you are before you start a blog really get people going! My favorite response to the varied opinions came from Kelsi on Twitter when she said, "Just as a side note (w/ all respect to the lovely ladies) blogging is so personal a don't for one is a must for another."

Some of my favorite points from this panel came from the lovely Bri Emery of Design Love Fest (second from the left). To avoid over saturation, she recommends--and I agree--to spread out your social media posts among various networks. She also aptly stated that growing your blog should be organic but with a purpose.

#3 Jessica Alba
Though I'm not a mother, it was still fun to hear how Jessica Alba started her organic baby products line, The Honest, Co. I absolutely adored her outfit from the Alice + Oliva top to the Giuseppi Zanotti shoes! When I asked what nail color she was rockin', she could only remember that it was some eco line. I'm still wondering which line though!

#4 The House of Zappos
I have to give props to the Zappos Style team! They turned this gorgeous building...

...into a shopaholic's dream otherwise known as the House of Zappos!

#5 Paige Adams Gellar of Paige Denim
Inside the House of Zappos, I was able to meet the founder of Paige Denim, Paige Adams Gellar. She was chatting with us while signing cute little pocket pouches. We bonded over both being born in Utah, she complimented me on my name, and when my upcoming wedding came up, she even suggested that I keep my maiden last name! Too funny!

#6 Mad Men's Janie Bryant and Kiernan Shipka
As a huge Mad Men fan, so it was utterly thrilling to hear from these two lovely ladies! I loved to hear the two of them talk vintage shopping, costumes on the set, and more! I shouldn't have been surprised that Kiernan, who plays Sally Draper on the show, is so mature and well-spoken! She seems to know more about her business and fashion than some women twice her age! The cutest part was when she was waiting for her turn outside, I could see her dancing a bit!

#8 Elizabeth Banks
When I first saw Elizabeth Banks on the agenda, I wasn't immediately sure what she would be there to talk about. Turns out she has a pretty great website covering a variety of topics. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Elizabeth is hysterical and naturally witty. The one piece of advice from her that stuck with me was when she was talking about the start of her site, "It's all about editing." She was definitely one of my favorites of the day!

#9 Randi Zuckerberg
Another delightfully funny speaker was the adorable Randi Zuckerberg of R to Z Media. Her topic was on building your brand with social media, but she offered a lot of insight on internet trends and funny Facebook anecdotes. A few stand out quotes from RZ:
  • "We live in this amazing world where one person can reach thousands or millions of people."
  • "People want to live like millionaires, but with a normal salary." (on the demand to be able to rent)
  • "Every single person in this room is a media company." (on the growing voice of bloggers)
Most of the time she had the room ringing with laughter. It was a lovely way to close out the conference part of the day.

#10 A Fine Frenzy
During the closing cocktail hour, Alison of A Fine Frenzy performed. She is so natural and endearing as she sang; it was perfectly clear that she loves what she does. After her set, Rebecca and I had a chance to meet her where I confirmed she was rocking an Equipment top that I also own (last seen here). I have to say that she really is the sweetest thing!

That wraps up my highlights of the day! Make sure to become a fan of IBITTM on Facebook to be the first to see when I upload all of the photos, including the fantastic moments that I couldn't fit in my recap three recap posts (Make sure to read parts one and two of my LuckyFABB recap if you haven't already)!

I want to thank Brandon, Caroline, and the entire LuckyFABB West team for putting on yet another fabulous event. I always learn so much and meet the most fantastic people! I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to make it to the next conference in New York after my wedding!


Cheetahisthenewblack said...

Awe wish I could have gone... so fun seeing all the fab pics and I love your jacket lady! Xx

Eli said...

Ugh so jealous cause this looks amazing!! Loving your bright jeans!

Allergictovanilla said...

Aww I miss it already! Good recap!!! And yes, that tie dye jacket is something fierce!!

x carlina

Meghan said...

Hey pal! It was lovely seeing you! I adore both the looks I saw you in--you were rocking that neon chartreuse dress! Anywho, I tagged you in a 'Get to know ya post'!


Lindsay said...

great post! You picked all my highlights too! Wasn't Randi awesome? xo

GothamPolish said...

Looks like an amazing event! I will keep my ears open, would love to attend the NYC one!

Adiel said...

 Yes, she was definitely one of the best ones!

Adiel said...

Next time, girl! You were missed!

Adiel said...

 Would have loved to see you! Thanks, lady!

Adiel said...

Aww, thanks! I'll post mine soon!

taneshianicole said...

Love your blog! Following now. I just ordered those sandals yesterday and this is definitely how I envision wearing them first. Forever 21 has some neon ankle jeans similar to these.