Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Week Via Instagram

My hubby @seanwn86 doesn't want to get these @katespadeny place settings and I just can't understand why. #katespade #sillyboys #placesettings

My fella and I spent hours at Bed Bath & Beyond last week completing our registry. One of the things we didn't get at all was dishes so we decided to look through everything again and pick a set. I really, really, really wanted one of these white and gold Kate Spade sets (polka dots and dandelions? Hello!), but the hubby wasn't feeling it for some reason and I just couldn't understand why! I do love the set we ended up getting though and I can't wait for it to arrive!

I adore my little pot of wildflowers!

The last care package I received from Keds had a fun little gardening kit with everything needed to grow a little wildflower garden. I planted the seeds in late July and this is what it has grown to. I'm not going to lie, I'm surprised that they've lasted this long!

Well I just took a walk down memory lane while unpacking... #memories #cheerleader #classpresident #nostalgia

Moving apartments means going through all of my stuff, reorganizing, and decluttering. During this process, I found a box full of nostalgia! Finding my old class officer and cheerleader uniforms sure brought back a lot of fun memories!

Always a thrill to be features on @nytimesfashion street style trends!

I was thrilled to be included in last week's street style trend round-up on the New York Times style & fashion page!

Husband made paella! #whatsfordinner #yum #paella

My man made me paella for dinner one night last week! I was so impressed with how yum it was!

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Carlina said...

Looks like a fun, productive and stylish week. ;)


House Of Jeffers said...

Hope your settling into married life well - which knowing you, you are! And going to BBB with your hubby is absolutely a married people thang... Mike and I do it all the time. Enjoy!

House Of Jeffers

Amanda Weiss said...

Ooh I LOVE Those polka dot dishes- SO fab! Love seeing this recap since I guess I missed some of these on Insta! dangit! :-)

<3 Amanda