Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wash, Rinse, Remix

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been trying harder to live on a more defined budget and shop more for "free." Most of this comes from being a newlywed in a new home that I want to decorate, but part of it is also inspired by the post I read about "The Carrie Bradshaw Effect."

While I never officially declared my participation in their challenge, I'm now going on five weeks without spending money on new clothing or accessories. This hasn't stopped me from acquiring new things though. I'm just being more strategic about it. Everything I've purchased in the last several weeks has been purchased with money I made from selling on Poshmark.

I'm also being more strategic about how I remix my wardrobe. You'll notice this outfit is comprised of pieces you've seen before, and seen recently (skirt here, top here, bag here, shoes here)! I just make sure to wear the pieces in new ways and with things I haven't worn them with before.

To supplement all of this, I'm also participating in a #bradshaweffect clothing swap in San Francisco hosted by Angie later this month. In the area? Join us! The more people that show up, the better the selection will be!

Eventbrite - #thebradshaweffect Clothing Swap

Not in the area? Don't worry! There are other clothing swaps planned across the nation. For more information on these swaps or for information on how to host your own, contact Angie.

Black-brown "Aly" sunglasses - House of Harlow | Ombre coral necklace - All the Rage via Little Black Bag | White peplum top - Zara | Black and white mirrored print skirt - H&M | Rose gold watch - Michael Kors | Color block tote - Street Level via Little Black Bag | Black suede "Romelia" pumps - Aldo via Zappos

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Here's to all of the real women with real budgets and real wardrobes!

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House Of Jeffers said...

I'm all for this! Let's be honest - we all don't have money to burn, and yes, this might come as a shock to many, but fashion bloggers DO wear clothes more than once. I do this all the time on my blog, and I'm glad to see you doing it, too!
Love this color combo miss!

Terry S. said...

I really love this look. What a great print skirt!

Meghan Noel said...

That bag is soooo goood!!!! Love the entire look, especially that gorgeous peplum top!

jessica.jorgensen07 said...

Love this whole outfit!

Adiel said...

Thanks, lady! It hasn't even really been that hard not to shop. And someone shold tell Sean! ;)

Adiel said...

Thanks, Jess! Love you!

Adiel said...

Thanks you, m'dear! xo

Adiel said...

Thanks so much, Terry!

Adiel said...

This is one of the many, many reason why I adore you, Jen! xo