Monday, November 19, 2012

Glitter Stripe + Accent Manicure

Color Secrets Pro recently sent me a couple of the polishes to try--Titanic and New Years Eve--and I loved the way the two looked so much that I had to wear them together! 

This manicure is super easy to do on your own. All you'll need is one bottle of lacquer in your desired color, a bottle of glitter polish that pairs well with the first, and a striping brush.

Once you've got all that, read below to get the look!

Tips to an Awesome Manicure

  • If you don't have a nail art striping brush, grab any old craft brush and trim off most of the bristles so you're left with a thin bunch.
  • One way to get a straighter line is to hold the brush still and rotate your finger underneath the brush.
  • When building up the glitter on the accent nail, it's super important to work with the thinnest layers possible and let each layer dry before adding the next.

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Kach├ęt Jackson said...

So pretty! I really need to start having more fun with my manicures.