Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thinking About: Sequined Maxi Skirts

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Lately, I've been especially enamored of all things sequined. But the above images spotted on Pinterest have got me drooling over the idea of slipping into a slinky sequined maxi skirt. I know the idea of that much sparkle probably seems like it'd be something you could only wear on a special occasion. I disagree. I think styled properly--with a chambray, flannel, or t-shirt--you could totally wear one of these beauties on any old day. 

Peep a few sequined maxi skirts that I've got my eye on!

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Dora said...

I love the gray one from the first picture. Great selections!! :)Stop by and enter my fabulous giveaway :)

Fashion Girl said...

Love them all, just I'm not so high to wear them.Any tips?

Tomris (dejafashion) said...

I love maxi skirts on others, but the only maxi I can pull off is the maxi-dress. These are gorgeous!! Maybe I'll rustle up the courage to try them out!
x x

Adiel said...

Pick your poison; t-shirt, flannel, or chambray shirt! I think those would all work wonderfully!

Tomris (dejafashion) said...

I would wear them with a form fitting bodysuit or tank, and then maybe a denim jacket, for a casual daytime look.

For an evening look, I would still wear something form fitting on top, and probably jazz it up with accessories and a leather jacket!

x x

Adiel said...

Me, too! So good, right?

Adiel said...

Totally understandable, you can only wear what works for you!