Monday, January 7, 2013

Julep Maven January 2013 Bombshell Box

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This month I opted for the Bombshell Julep Maven box which contains two colors from their neons and nudes resort collect, Bette and Ava. I also selected two add-ons, Fiona and Nina. More on the nail polish in a bit. First, the other goodies!

The Extras

I love the hand and cuticle stick that came in the Bombshell box. It's formula is spot on; not too greasy yet super moisturizing! The quick-absorbing formula is made with shea butter and peptides, but no parabens or sulfates. The best part is that the stick is the perfect size to throw in your purse for on-the-go moisture and you don't have to worry about leaks.

Julep introduced "Swatch Me" stickers this month and I'm a little torn. On one hand I love the idea of being able to see and know the opacity and consistency at a quick glance, but to have to see them all the time? It's messy looking. I prefer the sleek black look of their caps as is! All in all, the idea is rad and I can totally see it being a huge hit in the lacquer world!

The neon hair ties were a super-fun surprise. I love how gentle they are on my fine strands and the colors are fantastic! I wish I knew what brand they were though...


January 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell Box4

Bette was the color I was most looking forward to and turned out to be the most disappointing. The creamy neon purple is without a doubt amazing, but the formula was a little uneven (maybe I got a bad bottle?). It went on irregularly and took four coats to get it to stop looking streaky. But since the color is so fab, I think it's worth the work.


January 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell Box2

Nina is a neon orange creme that pretty much screams, "Creamsicle!" I love the smooth, semi-matte finish it appears to have. Two coats was all it took for this pretty orange mani.


January 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell Box3

Like it's name suggests, Fiona is a very Shrek-like neon green creme lacquer. Like Nina, it went on super well and only needed two coats for a nice finish.


January 2013 Julep Maven Bombshell Box1

The color I was least looking forward to was probably Ava and it ended up being my favorite of the four! I suppose I'm just not drawn to neutrals at the moment, but when I put it on, I fell in love. With just the faintest shell pink to this frost polish, I can tell this is going to be a staple in future nail art posts. So pretty!

Are You a Maven?

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Carlina said...

I really wanted to love Julep- but when I got my first box I didn't love the colors nor the finish. Those neon ones are fun though.

xo Carlina

p.s. I'm hosting an amazing ShopSeptember giveaway- if I do say so myself!

Courtney Starr said...

I love Julep products. The colors are bright and gorgeous

Laura Boswell said...

Love the Ava!

Gotham Polish said...

The hair ties look like Twist Bands!

Naina Kamath said...

The colors of these polishes totally have my heart!

Feathers & Freckles said...

How fun! I absolutely love those nail colors, especially the first berry color :)

Jessica Jorgensen said...

I really love that last one, so pretty!

Anonymous said...

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