Thursday, February 28, 2013


It's only been a couple of weeks since I last wore my DIY Statement sweatshirt, but I couldn't wait to remix it. Because it's such a basic, classic piece, I paired it with a couple other basics: my black boyfriend blazer and a pair of dark skinny jeans. To add interest, I wore my multicolored glitter sandals, grabbed the super-rad magazine clutch I found at Marshalls, and a clear, chunky statement necklace. On top of that statement necklace, I layered my brand new rose gold "triplyksis" necklace.





And in honor of the debut of my new nameplate necklace, I'm talking about the origins of my social media alias, @triplyksis!

Q. What does triplyksis mean?

A. Nothing, actually. It's a nonsense word.

Q. So where did it come from then?

A. Since the days of dial up and AOL chatrooms, I've always disliked having a screenname/username with a bunch of random numbers and symbols. But AOL was so overly saturated with accounts that every username I wanted was already taken. But I refused to give in, so I gave up and followed my brother's lead. For his name, he had simply rolled his fist across the keyboard and came up with 'triplyk.' Since I am his sis, I just added 'sis' to the end. And thus triplyksis was born. It's been easy to stick with because it means I don't have to come up with a new name for each account I create.

Q. But how do you say it?

A. Well, my brother pronounced his username like "trip-lick." Since I was following his lead, that would mean my user name would be pronounced "trip-lick-sis." However, I'm well aware that most people say "triply-kiss" in their heads. Saying "triply-kay-sis" is another common guess."


 Nail polish from thumb to pinky: Deborah Lippmann Dark Side of The Moon | H&M Dark Purple | Julep Anne | Zoya Perrie | Essie Lilacism

Silver sparkle earrings - Prabal Gurung for Target | Lips - Maybelline Stain Gloss in Cool Coral | Black boyfriend blazer - F21 | Grey graphic print "Think Too Much" sweatshirt - DIY'd | Clear, chunky "icicle" necklace - ModCloth | Rose gold nameplate necklace - Best Personalized Jewelry | Double wire chain ring - via Therapy Boutique | Love ring - via Poshmark | Magazine clutch - via Marshalls | Multicolored glitter sandals - Nine West via Poshmark

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Natalie Comstock said...

I've always wondered what your Twitter handle meant and if I was thinking it correctly! Now it all makes sense. Lovinggg your purple ombre nails!

jessica.jorgensen07 said...

I absolutely love that necklace. So unique and cute! Love the mani too!

FashionFitsAll said...

Dyyying over your jewelry as usual!! The nails are so fun also :) love!! xoxo M.

kimair said...

haha that's an awesome story!

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Santina said...

I love a blazer with a tee or sweatshirt!

And I'm sure we've already discussed this but you are "triply-kay-sis" to me. ;) That, or "my really fucking adorable friend, Adiel". Both work.

Laura Boswell said...

Btw if you decide to make another clear clutch, I would love to buy one from you on PM.

Adiel said...

I purchased more materials, because so many people were asking. I've got ya on the list now! xo

Adiel said...

I just adore you, Santina, whatever you want to call me! xo

Adiel said...

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Adiel said...

Thanks, Mallory! xo

Adiel said...

Thank you, Jessica! :)

Adiel said...

Ha! I figured some people might be wondering! ;)

Thanks, love!

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Eli said...

This is so cool - I always thought it was "triple kiss" for a long time! ha. But I basically have the same story with one of my handles I use for other logins, I've been using it since my brother made it for me over ten years ago! It was my first email address in high school.

RunwayChef said...

There is so much amazingness happening here....the necklaces, the DIY sweatshirt & that magazine clutch! I want it all!!