Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunset Ombre Manicure

The first time I saw this Rebecca Minkoff sunset-inspired skirt, I knew I would have to translate it to my nails. It took a couple of attempts for me to figure out what technique I wanted to use. I eventually ended up with a combo of painting and sponge application.

The Polish

Also also had many nail polish color options to choose from. After perusing my collection of corals, pale pinks, bright purples and blue, I finally narrowed it down. The colors used are as follows:

  • Coral - Butter London in Trout Pout
  • Pink - OPI in Lazy Daisy Pink
  • Purple - Urban Outfitters
  • Blue - Essie in Mesmerize

Sunset Ombre Manicure

This is definitely one of the messier manicures that I've attempted, but I sort of love how it turned out, so... worth it!

Sunset Ombre Manicure

How To

A Few Tips

  • I recommend either taping off your cuticles or coating them in vaseline, like I did. This will make clean up a little easier.
  • Layer on the thin coats to build up color.
  • Use the corner of the sponge to get into the crease between your nail and your skin. 
  • After dipping the sponge in the polish, tap on the wax paper a few times before apply to your nails.
  • A nail art tool and a bit of polish remover will allow you to clean up with our messing up your design.

The Finished Product

Sunset Ombre Manicure

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Amanda Weiss said...

Loved the video-so fun! The final product rocks!

Adiel said...

Thanks, lady! xo