Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Suit Up

Suit Up

As usual, I spent way too much time thinking about what to wear to LuckyFABB. The only thing that made me feel better is that the pre-conference tweets seemed to suggest that I was not alone in this. This outfit choice was actually pretty easy once I had the pants and matching jacket in my hands after their harrowing journey... but more on that later. I had a lot of option for what to wear under the jacket, but once I saw this t-shirt in the Mango store at SFO, all the other options were thrown out the window. In case you are wondering, it reads "There's beauty in everything, but not everyone can see it." I just love that. The silver shoes were always a given in my head for some reason and because I like to match, I donned my silver rhinestone Prabal Gurung earrings and Erickson Beamon statement ring. I also wore my nameplate necklace to help people connect me with my Twitter handle. To carry all of my conference goodies, I carried my large Morrison tote, which easily fit my camera, cards, schedule, and all other LuckyFABB accouterment. The final touch was a bright pop of color on my lips with some NARS Heat Wave. 

Suit Up

Suit Up

I ordered this suit along with a super cute lemon dress that I intended to wear to FABB from Dorothy Perkins despite the numerous posts I read warning me not to purchase from this UK-based company. Everything I saw was just absolute horror stories of their customer service. But the dress was so adorable and so affordable, I decided to take the risk. 

Bad Idea. 

I put all my shopping budget into Dorothy Perkins' basket and took the plunge. A week later, I suddenly found myself having to pay a surprise customs charge of FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS. With no warning that I might need to expect this whatsoever. Arcadia, DP and Topshop's parent company, told me that I should have expected that pursuant to their Terms of Service. Then why show me payment in USD? I've NEVER had to pay customs fees from any other UK-bases companies. Furthermore, an additional $55 dollars was not in my shopping budget, which I'm trying oh-so-hard to stick to. I was forced with having to make a tough choice; pay another 1/3 of my total order cost or send it back and be at square one for the conference.

But the worst part wasn't even any of that. It was the fact that Arcadia simply could not have cared less about me as a customer. Having worked so long in customer service-related industries, I know how very easy it is to at least pretend to care. And they couldn't even be bother. Dorothy Perkins' customer service took eons to respond and they were just as useless as Arcadia was. The only people worth anything in this situation was their fast-acting social media team/agent.

Needless to say, I wanted that dress so I paid the charges. But sadly, I will not be giving my business to a company who thinks so little of their customers.  It doesn't matter how adorable or budget-friendly their stock is, I can't really feel good about funding a team with such poor customer service. I tell this story in hope of educating you as a potential future client of this company. If you choose to give your business to this company, do so with great caution. Be warned.

Wrapping up this sad story, once my package arrive, the lemon dress didn't even fit. At least the geometric printed suit worked out!

Suit Up
Red lips - NARS Heat Wave | Silver rhinestone earrings - Prabal Gurung for Target | Aqua geometric pritned jacket - Dorothy Perkins | Black "Beauty in Everything" t-shirt - Mango | Rose gold nameplate necklace - Best Personalized Jewelry | Black "Morrison" tote - Rachel Zoe via Poshmark | Silver Swarovski statement ring - Erickson Beamon via Poshmark | Rose gold watch - Michael Kors via Nordstrom | Aqua Geometric pants - Dorothy Perkins | Silver mirrored pumps - Luxury Rebel via Bloomingdales

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Angie said...

That sounds like a nightmare. You do look amazing though.

Kathleen Ensign said...

I've been wondering about that Dorothy Perkins...good to know! Sounds like a nightmare!

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