Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Dexter Couples Costume

I love any excuse to dress up, especially Halloween. My fella may not be as enthusiastic about putting on a costume as I am, but he's pretty good natured about it and lets me pick out fun couples costumes for the two of us. Last year we intended to be Dexter and his victim, but we ended up having a friend's wedding the same night as our costume party. Sadly, we didn't get the chance to wear our costumes that year, but that made this year super easy because we already had everything we needed!

Read on to see how you can make this super easy couples costume for yourself!

For the Dexter costume, you'll need to recreate his kill outfit. The pieces don't have to be exact and you can even make do with pieces that are already in your closet. If you don't know where to pick up the pieces you don't have on hand, don't worry because I've included links below! Bonus points if you carry a syringe or wear a face shield visor!

1. Army green Henley - Buy at American Apparel $30
2. Black vinyl apron - Buy at Amazon $6
3. Faux knife - Buy at Amazon $8
4. Short black leather gloves - Buy at Amazon $24
5. Brown shoes - Buy at 6pm $25
6. Cargo pants - Buy at Amazon $30

For the victim costume, you get to play around more with the special effects. I wore a pale pink sequin dress from ASOS under my plastic wrap, but it occurred to me too late that a simple nude slip would work just as well. It doesn't matter though because if you wrap enough plastic around your dress, you won't really be able to see it. I thought about wearing one of my nude heels, but opted for comfort and pulled out my old ballet slippers. The color ended up being perfect and evoked a barefoot look that is perfect for the victims. Create a cut on the cheek out of the liquid latex makeup and fake blood as a reference to Dexter's signature move in collecting blood for his memento blood slides. Finally, put a little blood on the center of your chest and wrap it under a few layers of plastic wrap to hold it in place.

7. Ballet slippers - Buy at Zappos $32
8. Strapless nude/pink slip or dress - Buy at Amazon $17
9. Plastic cling wrap - Buy at local grocer/drugstore
10. Liquid latex - Buy at Amazon $10
11. Fake blood - Buy at Amazon $8

This costume is sure to be a hit at your costume party; it sure was at ours! We took home the prize for the best couples costume!

We are thrilled to be taking home this amazing handmade trophy for best couples costume! Thanks, @angelabcd! #costumeparty #trophy #prize #halloween #halloween2013 #hauntedhedges

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