Friday, April 17, 2015

The Techchic Mom & Her Lenovo YOGA Tablet Pro 2

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro and see how it can adapt to my life. As a new(ish) mom, I've been trying to find ways to hold on to who I am while making room for my new role. Without even trying, it has pretty seamlessly slipped into my life as a Techchic Mom who wants to keep life stylish while being a great mother for my baby girl.

First things first, it's been great for shopping. With the big screen, I'm able to easily find stylish things to buy for me (and my daughter–matching mommy and me outfits anyone?). 

It has also been super handy for playing music (or watching Netflix–shhh!) in my daughter's nursery. The built in stand makes it easy to adjust the position so it's just right whether I'm rocking her or we're down on the floor playing. I'm always a little shocked with how many episodes of Friends I can watch before I have to recharge the thing.

Techchic Mom

Techchic Mom

That's right, you can hang this tablet by it's built-in stand. So handy! And since he's Lenovo's product engineer, I guess I have Ashton Kutcher to thank for that one!

One of the coolest things about this device is Pico projector in it's barrel to project movies onto the wall. If we had a backyard, I'd be all about setting up a summer movie night with some friends by projecting onto a big white sheet. Idyllic, no? But while I wait for that dream to be realized, I used it to help me with a little DIY project I did in the nursery: applying gold vinyl to the dresser in the shape of the letter A. (I'm a little obsessed with how it turned out!)

Techchic Mom

Techchic Mom

Living two states away from our family in Utah, we're always utilizing technology to keep in touch with our relatives so they don't miss too much of my daughter's life. Avery just loves to see her family talk to her via Google hangouts and I know the feeling is mutual! And I love being able to share all of her cute outfits on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

I was also surprised that given the tablet's size, it's still light enough to slip into the diaper bag when we travel.

Techchic Mom

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Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

I'm really loving this tablet, as a mom of 1 year old i think it will make my jobs pretty easier