Thursday, November 29, 2007

Do they really want to know or is it just small talk?

I've been in to the whole social networking fad for a few years now. I've found it a convenient way to keep in touch with and find old friends. Its always exciting when an old friend or acquaintance writes me and we strike up a friendly conversation to catch up on each other's lives.


I have decided that my actual profile on these sites are pretty much useless. No one reads them, friends, acquaintances and strangers alike.

I'm constantly getting asked the same questions, time and time again, despite that I already answered all these questions when I created my account.

"Where do you live?"
"Where do you work?"
"Are you dating anyone?"
"Are you married?"
"Are you going to school?"
The list goes on....

Frankly, I think my profile could declare that I live in Argentina, work at a glue factory, dating the Pope, married to Penelope Cruz and going to clown school and the humor would be lost because no one reads the information that I've already taken the time to put on display.

This just makes me wonder if these people really want to know the answers to these questions or if they're just trying to find a reason to make small talk with me. You'd think if they really wanted to know, they'd take the time to read my profile.
Or am I wrong?

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