Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Its Called a Car Seat. Get One.

Unrestrained baby in car

Pretty much nothing on the road gets me more pissed off than when I see children improperly restrained in vehicles or even worse, not restrained at all.

In the past week alone I've seen the following:

- a child placed behind the back seat, facing out the back window of a station wagon.
- a small child (about 3 years or so) sitting the the front seat, no car seat.
- a child crawling around the entire car, completely and entirely unrestrained at all whatsoever.

Are you f%&@$*# kidding me!?

In high school, I was riding around with a friend who made an improper lane change and got her tail light clipped by some guy in a rusty old truck. They pulled over to look at the damage and he came out of the truck yelling that he had his kid in the car and to be more careful, "Blah, blah, my child's safety, blah!" The thing was his kid was standing up on the seat of the truck. Again, no car seat, not even a measly seatbelt. Nothing. Don't talk to me about your kid's safety when you can't seem to be bothered to strap her in at all.

There are seatbelt laws for a reason people. Children are not old enough to make the decision of riding safe or not, you make that decision for them and it should never be an option. Ever. At all.

I may not have kids, but I can't see the hassle of strapping your kids in safely and properly ever not being worth the risk of what might happen if you don't take the time to do so.

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