Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday, again.

I'm on the very brink of freedom right now.

At least for a couple days.

Its Friday again. Yippee!
The week kind of flew right on by for me. I'm still having a blast messing around with my new blackberry. I worked a couple of easy nights at VS. The season 4 premiere of LOST last night was awesome. Its left me with a lot to think about and more questions still. Can't wait for next week's episode. The snow this week has been nuts. I hope the weather mellows out because I'm kind of over the 50 minute commutes.

This weekend I've got to find a place to live. The countdown is on. Traci and I are gonna have to go house hunting sometime. The "big game" is this weekend. I kind of don't have an opinion about that, one way or the other. Its just there. I'm sure that I'll watch it with Sean's family or mine. Either way works.

I hope something exciting happens this weekend though. The last few have been kind of blah. Here's hoping for a great one!

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