Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Phone

I finally got the new Blackberry Pearl that I've been coveting. I'm so thrilled. Its an awesome phone. So many cool features that I never really even thought of having on my phone. Its crazy.

There have been a couple issues that have come with the new phone. It has been kind of nuts trying to learn how to use the thing. Its so complicated. I used to be able to text one-handed, without even looking. Now I'm hunched over, going at it with both hands, pecking at the unfamiliar keyboard. I'm getting lots of practice entering all the address book entries one by one.

I've also got myFaves now. So I get to pick 5 people to have free call minutes with. Trouble is, I rarely talk on the phone with anyone at any length with the exception being my mom. So now I have to decide who I want to be on myFaves.

I love it though. Once I've got everyone's information again and store it into my phone, I'll be set!

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Jer and Jules said...

I want the pink pearl so bad, but with our phone service you have to buy a data package to go with it, which is lame and I don't need one. So...when it's time for me to get a new phone...who knows what I'll be getting. Hopefully something cute. Jer will be getting the pearl though, he's heard it's awesome for business stuff. I'm so jealous of you! LUCKY!