Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend in review.

So, here is my weekend in review.

I messed up my sleep schedule pretty bad this weekend. I started the weekend out by going home from work and taking a 3.5 hour nap. So I stayed up till about 3am that night, which I usually cannot do. Saturday I took about a 2 hour nap so I stayed up till 3 again that night. Naturally, my body could not fall asleep last night so now I'm ready for another nap.

Saturday, Traci and I went looking for a place to live. We didn't really find much unfortunately. All the stuff in our price range was just so-so and the stuff we loved is more pricey. Typical, right? Of course. We'll have to keep looking I guess.

Sean and I went out to dinner with Mike and Traci Saturday night then went over to Mike's to watch movies. I saw The Chronicles of Narnia movie for the first time. I had forgotten how much I loved those books as a kid. I'm excited for the Prince Caspian movie now.

Sunday, we all got together at Mike's house to watch the game. I wasn't sure who to root for at first because I thought it would be cool to see a team have an undefeated season, but it would also be cool to see a team upset that perfect season. In the end I decided to root for the underdogs, the Giants. What a great 4th quarter that was! You almost feel sad for the Patriots though...

There were four dogs at Mike's house. If you know me at all, you know how I feel about animals, even dogs. For the most part they didn't do much of the things I hate about dogs, lick me, bark, jump on me, or put their noses on me. I did get a lot of drool on my. So nasty! There was a 5-month old bull dog there and he was actually pretty cute. He would just wiggle all over the place. I think Sean fell in love with him.

Well that about sums it up.

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