Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Its been a couple years since I've lived in a basement room, I'd forgotten one tiny problem with spaces in the basement.


Ever since I moved in here, I've been seeing spiders all the time. I don't like squishing bugs so I've had to come up with another way of protecting myself from them.

Tonight I was just tidying up around my room when I saw a spider sitting not so far away from another one that I had trapped. I quickly picked up the cup and covered the second spider. Once it dies, I'll vacuum them both up.

What do you do when you spiders in your house?
Does anyone have a better way?


Kristina said...

Spiders kill OTHER bugs! But I usually catch them in cups and take them outside.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

I know that...
but I'm not seeing other bugs in my bedroom.
Besides I've had far too many spider bites in my life to let them roam free at will. haha

Juan And Caitlin said...

Remember You Are Way Bigger Then Them And You Can Kill Them Quickly.. Just Stomp On Them Or Smush Them With A Napkin And Throw Them Away!!! LoL

Alicia said...

I don't like Spiders...so I kill them...Sorry. Just seeing your pix of them, lets just say I was uncomfortable! Good Luck!

Jewls said...

Oh no! I had a huge spider problem this summer. I don't care if we are way bigger then them, I HATE them! I don't care if they catch other bugs, they are still creepy. I made Lance become the terminator when we got married...if he is not around I spray them with hairspray and use the cup method til he is home to dispose of them...

Jer and Jules said...

I do the exact same thing, these pictures made me laugh because they brought back memories. Now I just make Jer deal with them, but I haven't seen any around our place....yet, luckily. Thanks for your comment on my post too, sometimes I forget about the big picture and focus too much on the now.
Good luck with your spiders!

Kristina said...

You don't see other bugs because the spiders are eating them!

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