Thursday, April 10, 2008


If you've done any sort of traveling in a vehicle in the Salt Lake valley, you've probably seen those moms on meth billboards. I know I've talked with several people about how lame I think they are. I've been told that the young, single mothers are the biggest meth users in Utah, but are these billboards the way to stop them? To be honest, I can't begin to form an opinion either way. I don't know much about meth.

Then today, I came across this blog that led me to Montana's Meth Project.


All I can say is that if I hadn't already made up my mind to not do drugs, I'm surely not going to be doing them now. These images are truly frightening. I'm still trying to get the guts up to watch the videos.

I'm hesitant to post any of the images on here as they are quite disturbing and not for all eyes. However, if you have a strong stomach and want an eye opener or if you're just curious, you can click here to see what Montana is doing to try and keep people off meth.

Montana sure is putting Utah's anti-meth campaign to shame.

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Random Grrrl said...

omg is right! Those are pretty extreme. I like Montana's approach much better than Utah's. Hopefully they are actually getting the response they want out of it. The scare tactic doesn't always work. But I guess they have to try every angle. Meth sux. I've seen ppl on it and it is scary stuff. Thx for pointing out this topic and the links. Its informative.