Thursday, April 10, 2008

My train of though - The Office

The following are my thoughts while watching NBC's The Office.
Episode - Dinner Party

Aw, poor Dwight! You almost feel bad for him, then you remember how obnoxious he is...
Oh, how I love Jim/John!
He sleeps on a bench!? haha
Wow, look at the size of that TV! Intense!
Angela kills me! (I can still tell that actress is pregnant...)
Ah hahaha! Afterbirth....
Jim didn't even stand up when Jan tried to dance with him. SO funny.
The bathroom confessional is awesome.
Aw, escape was so close...
What the...? Michael told Jan that he dated Pam?!
Dwight shows up wine glasses!? haha Who is that lady?
He dips it into the wine! haha
He sure showed her by putting that neon sign up.
That is some serious, hardcore self destruction.
No!! Not the Dundie and the $200 plasma screen TV!!
Babe. haha
Yep, I still love Jim.


Alicia said...

I love The Office also, last night was great! I agree with "Your train of though" about this epi! It was great!

Random Grrrl said...

I watched this one too! My bf keeps trying to get me hooked on it b/c he thinks the show is so funny. This epi definitely helped w/that. Much funnier than the previous one I saw. Is it scary that I followed your train of thought perfectly when I read it? haha!